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  1. The impact of COVID-19 towards psychology and mental health is anticipated to be significant and may affect the population disproportionately, especially adolescent as the vulnerable category. We aimed to anal...

    Authors: Gilbert Sterling Octavius, Felicia Rusdi Silviani, Alicya Lesmandjaja, Angelina and Andry Juliansen
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:72
  2. People’s perceptions of pandemic-associated risk are key factors contributing to increased public participation in disease preventive measures. The aim of the study was to investigate risk perceptions regardin...

    Authors: Mahmoud Abdel Hameed Shahin and Rasha Mohammed Hussien
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:71
  3. Physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic are working under relentless stress. This study aimed to identify the impact of the perceived fears of COVID-19 virus infection on the quality of life and the emergence ...

    Authors: Mohamed Abdelghani, Hayam M. El-Gohary, Eman Fouad and Mervat S. Hassan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:70
  4. With the increasing efforts to a better understanding of psychiatric diseases, detection of brain morphological alterations is necessary. This study compared two methods—voxel-based morphometry (VBM) and regio...

    Authors: Somayyeh Seyedi, Raheleh Jafari, Ali Talaei, Shahrokh Naseri, Mahdi Momennezhad, Maliheh Dadgar Moghaddam and Hossein Akbari-Lalimi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:69
  5. Female sexual pain is a complex multifactorial condition. Most of researches have focused on underlying biomedical factors. Although psychological, psychiatric, and relational factors have been studied as poss...

    Authors: M. R. Soltan, T. A. Abdel Raheem, S. S. Soliman, N. M. Saleh and B. H. Khatery
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:51
  6. Adolescence is associated with rapid changes in behavioral patterns which affect the functioning of the person in adulthood. The purpose of this research was to study the emotional and behavioral problems of 9...

    Authors: Naeimeh Tayebi, Shahrzad Yektatalab and Marzieh Akbarzadeh
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:67
  7. There is limited data related to how psychiatrists actually choose amongst different medications, especially in Egypt. Our aim was to survey a sample of psychiatrists regarding common patterns of antipsychotic...

    Authors: Samir Abolmagd, Dina Aly El-Gabry, Hussien Elkholy and Karim Abdel Aziz
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:52
  8. Eating disorders are common in adolescents. Data on occurrence rates, sociodemographic correlates, and risk factors in Egyptian population are needed along with better screening tools to inform future research...

    Authors: Walaa Sabry, Naglaa ElMahlawy, Heba Essawy, Gamalat Al-Saleet, Mohamed Saad and Mahmoud Morsy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:66
  9. The incidence of cognitive impairment (CI) is higher in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM). The association between DM and CI and the risk factors for CI need to be addressed to estimate the prevalence of co...

    Authors: Rania Naguib, Eman S. Soliman, Fatima Mohammed Neimatallah, Najd Sulaiman AlKhudhairy, Amjad Muashaq ALGhamdi, Reema Saad Almosa, Kholud Abdullaziz Aldashash, Bashayer Yaqoub Alkhalifah and Hala Elmorshedy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:49
  10. There is a growing interest in studying the area of drugs and college students due to the negative effects that drugs have on a student’s social life, academics, psychology, finances, and health. So, this stud...

    Authors: Fahmi Hassan Fadhel
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:65
  11. The number of children diagnosed with psychiatric disorders has significantly increased over the past two decades. This study examined the pattern of psychiatric interventions prescribed for a sample of childr...

    Authors: Ahmed Sami Ghaly, Salwa Mohamed Salah Tobar, Mohamed Adel El-Hadidy and Mahmoud Elwasify
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:53
  12. Mental and neurocognitive disorders are the leading cause of disabilities amongst the older adult populace worldwide. The population of the older adult in Egypt is fast growing. The national census in 2017 rev...

    Authors: Opeyemi Odejimi, George Tadros and Noha Sabry
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:47
  13. Both ADHD and learning disorders have been found to be associated with executive dysfunctions; the executive functions’ (EFs) construct generally involves a series of components—planning, cognitive flexibility...

    Authors: Heba Essam Abou El Wafa, Soha Abd El Latif Ghobashy and Aya Maged Hamza
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:64
  14. Mental health is a global concern due to its hasty escalation. The shifting social dynamics in rural India intensify care-seeking behaviors, which means immediate action is required. Mental illness, however, i...

    Authors: Sunita Jena, Krushna Chandra Sahoo, Mousumi Samal, P. Kripalini, Chandni Shrivastava, Henanee Anand, Pranab Mahapatra and Sanghamitra Pati
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:48
  15. The rate of occurrence of psychiatric morbidities like anxiety, depression, perceived stress, and the overall quality of life are very high among female patients with obesity; therefore, our study investigates...

    Authors: Amr Said Shalaby, Sadik Abdel Maseeh Sadik and Dalia Abdel Moneim Mahmoud
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:62
  16. With uncertainty surrounding the 2019 coronavirus disease pandemic, there is no knowledge of the psychological impact of this pandemic on the general public from Kashmir. We aimed to understand the psychologic...

    Authors: Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Rouf Ahmad Mir, Arshad Hussain and Iqra Rasheed Shah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:61
  17. Epilepsy is one of the most common neurological conditions. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children with epilepsy proves to be very common. Both epilepsy and ADHD impair quality of life. We...

    Authors: Gellan K. Ahmed, Alaa M. Darwish, Hossam Khalifa and Mohamed A. Khashbah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:45
  18. It has been noted that there is high prevalence of depression among medical personnel whether it is a student or an on-duty doctor. However, no study has been done to highlight these two vulnerable groups. Acc...

    Authors: Muhammad Fazal Hussain Qureshi, Danish Mohammad, Sara Sadiq, Zain Jawed Abubaker, Ujalla Kumari, Joti Devnani, Nakeeta Dawani, Fahad Khalid Soleja and Ayesha Haroon
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:59
  19. Cognitive impairment is an established feature of schizophrenia and is a strong predictor of eventual social and functional outcome. Few studies have investigated cognitive impairment in hospital long-stay pat...

    Authors: Tarek Ahmed Okasha, Hanan Hussein, Eman Shorub, Hamed Nagi, Ahmed A. Moustafa and Doha El-Serafi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:58
  20. The diagnostic infant and preschool assessment (DIPA) was one of the fewest available instruments which have been developed to assess young children up to 6 years old. The present study translated, validated, ...

    Authors: Nermine Shaker, Mohamed Fekry, Asmaa Mostafa and Walaa Sabry
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:57
  21. Few, if any, studies evaluated the effect of violent parenting discipline on children’s psychological well-being in the Nile Delta region. The current study aimed to explore the spectrum of violent versus non-...

    Authors: Mohammad A. Seleem and Reham A. Amer
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:56
  22. The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global public health burden, which popped up in China in late 2019 to early 2020 and distributed worldwide rapidly. Indeed, this pandemic transmission has raised globa...

    Authors: Saad Kazim Karim, Perjan Hashim Taha, Nazar Mohammad Mohammad Amin, Habeeb Shuhaib Ahmed, Miami Kadhim Yousif and Ammar Mohmmed Hallumy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:55
  23. Patients with schizophrenia suffer from diffuse cognitive impairment and high prevalence of cardiovascular metabolic risks, associated with poor clinical outcomes. We aimed in this study to test the presence o...

    Authors: Dalia Hegazy Ali, Doha Mostafa Elserafi, Marwa Abdel Rahman Soltan, Mohamed Fikry Eissa, Hanan Ahmed Zein and Heba Hamed Elshahawi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:46
  24. Early symptoms of dementia may not be apparent and are sometimes even concealed during short office visits initiated for other complaints. The aim of the study is to find out if the combined use of VF/CDT, VF/...

    Authors: Reem Mohamed Sabry ELbedewy and Mohamed ELOKL
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:42
  25. Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly in the world, and on 11 March 2020, WHO announced the outbreak a global pandemic. Given the severity of this major outbreak and the importance of preven...

    Authors: Ayah M. Barakat and Zeinab A. Kasemy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:43
  26. Depression is a common mental health disease, especially in mid to late adolescence that, due to its particularities, is a challenge and requires an effective diagnosis. Primary care providers are often the fi...

    Authors: Diogo Beirão, Helena Monte, Marta Amaral, Alice Longras, Carla Matos and Francisca Villas-Boas
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:50
  27. Re-auditing mortality of inpatient psychiatric service for a span of time extending to 14 years is scarce in low-resource countries. We are reporting a 5-year mortality study to complete an audit cycle with a ...

    Authors: Abdelgadir H. Osman, Khalid A. Abdalhai, Israa Hassan, Mohammed A. Elmubark and Lubaba A. Elawad
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:44
  28. Self-efficacy and future anxiety affect students’ performance. A relation between both is suggested and needs to be investigated. The aim of this study is designed to assess self-efficacy, future anxiety among...

    Authors: Samah Rabei, Sorayia Ramadan and Nahla Abdallah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:39
  29. Adaptive behaviour among children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder determines wide range of self-independent and autonomous activities. Adaptive behaviour is a clearly defined measurable variable that c...

    Authors: Nashwa Ibrahim, Asmaa Maher Zein El-abdeen, Fiona Ng, Mohamed Zoromba and Aml Haikal
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:38
  30. Cancer-care health professionals are at great risk of workplace stress and high burnout levels. Only a few studies were studying the prevalence of workplace stress and burnout in medical oncologists in Egypt. ...

    Authors: M. R. Soltan, S. S. Soliman, S. A. Al-Hassanin, W. A. ElSherief, M. S. Elnaggar and S. F. Gohar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:40
  31. Hospital settings are a highly challenging work environment because of the increased demands of most of the works assigned to do, changes in the everyday routine of work, unreasonable expectations of patients ...

    Authors: Rania A. Hamed, Shaimaa Y. Abd Elaziz and Amani S. Ahmed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:36
  32. High rates of depression and suicidality risk have been reported after renal transplantation. The study aims to estimate the prevalence of depressive disorders and suicidality risk among Egyptian renal transpl...

    Authors: Naglaa El-Mahalawy, Ahmed Saad, Samah Rabei, Hanan Elrassas, Ahmed Abdelgawad, Marwa Elmissiry and Rami Aly
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:41
  33. Vitamin D is involved in many brain processes including neurological immune process, regulation of neurological factors, and neuroplasticity. Some studies have linked low serum vitamin D to major depressive di...

    Authors: Tarek A. Okasha, Walaa M. Sabry, Mostafa A. Hashim, Mai S. Abdeen and Abdelhamid M. Abdelhamid
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:34
  34. Major depressive disorder is one of the most common psychiatric illnesses. It is counted as an important suicide-attempting factor. Beside common and known suicide methods such as pesticide poisoning and hangi...

    Authors: Nima Derakhshan, Shekoofeh Yaghamei and Nejla Mostafeenezhad
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:33
  35. Although there is a strong association between enuresis and psychopathology, little is known about the prevalence of specific psychiatric disorders. We investigate the prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperacti...

    Authors: Noran Abd-Elmoneim, Eman Elsheshtawy, Mohamed Elsayed, Zeinab Gomaa and Mahmoud Elwasify
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:32
  36. Teachers’ awareness about and attitude towards students’ with mental health issues are often affecting their practical role in proper care of students with mental health problems. This is a cross-sectional stu...

    Authors: Ahmed Kamel, Hassan Kasim Haridi, Thikra Mohammed Alblowi, Asmaa Saleh Albasher and Nwayer Abdulaziz Alnazhah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:30
  37. Although, the relation between inflammation and major depressive disorder (MDD) looks like firm, it may not exist in all patients with depression. Therefore, the main aim of this study was to compare serum C-r...

    Authors: Amany Elshabrawy Mohamed, Rafik Reda Abd El-Latif, Amira Mohamed Youssef and Abdallah Saad Ibrahim
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:35
  38. Tramadol hydrochloride is a centrally acting analgesic drug that has turned out to be a drug of growing interest due to its success in the management of pain in humans. By considering the twin mechanism of act...

    Authors: Alaa-Eldin Darweesh, M. Agban, Mona H. Mohammed and Romany H. Gabra
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:37
  39. Statistics reveal that the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing in Egypt. It is seen as a terrifying disease due to its high mortality rate and its impacts on the self-image and the sexua...

    Authors: H. A. Alagizy, M. R. Soltan, S. S. Soliman, N. N. Hegazy and S. F. Gohar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:29
  40. One of the most consistent findings in childhood psychopathology literature is that children with dyslexia frequently presented with additional psychiatric disorders. Over 60% of children with dyslexia meets c...

    Authors: Alaa M. Darweesh, Yasser M. Elserogy, Hossam Khalifa, Romany H. Gabra and Mohamed A. El-Ghafour
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:28
  41. Executive function (EF) domain deficits which most reported include in particular set shifting and inhibition, which are considered main deficits in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). So, this research aimed...

    Authors: Amira Mohamed Youssef, Wa-il AbouHendy, Amany Elshabrawy and Shimaa Ibrahim Amin
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:27
  42. Several studies using event-related potential (ERP) methods have reported a relationship between the cognitive dysfunction of patients with psychosis and P300 latency and amplitude. P300 follow-up studies in p...

    Authors: Wageeh A. Hassan, Alaa Eldin M. Darweesh, Ahmed A. Abdel-Rahman, Hossam Eddin Khalifa Ahmad, Shehab H. Hassaan, Mostafa M. Noaman and Iman F. G. Fahmy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:23
  43. Burnout is a special type of work-related stress—a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity (Lancet 388:2272-2281, 2016).

    Authors: Mohamed Abu zied, Mohamed Fekry, Nesreen Mohsen, Mahmoud Morsy, Doha El Serafy and Mohamed Salah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:25

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