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  1. Although there is a strong association between enuresis and psychopathology, little is known about the prevalence of specific psychiatric disorders. We investigate the prevalence of attention-deficit/hyperacti...

    Authors: Noran Abd-Elmoneim, Eman Elsheshtawy, Mohamed Elsayed, Zeinab Gomaa and Mahmoud Elwasify
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:32
  2. Teachers’ awareness about and attitude towards students’ with mental health issues are often affecting their practical role in proper care of students with mental health problems. This is a cross-sectional stu...

    Authors: Ahmed Kamel, Hassan Kasim Haridi, Thikra Mohammed Alblowi, Asmaa Saleh Albasher and Nwayer Abdulaziz Alnazhah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:30
  3. Although, the relation between inflammation and major depressive disorder (MDD) looks like firm, it may not exist in all patients with depression. Therefore, the main aim of this study was to compare serum C-r...

    Authors: Amany Elshabrawy Mohamed, Rafik Reda Abd El-Latif, Amira Mohamed Youssef and Abdallah Saad Ibrahim
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:35
  4. Tramadol hydrochloride is a centrally acting analgesic drug that has turned out to be a drug of growing interest due to its success in the management of pain in humans. By considering the twin mechanism of act...

    Authors: Alaa-Eldin Darweesh, M. Agban, Mona H. Mohammed and Romany H. Gabra
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:37
  5. Statistics reveal that the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is increasing in Egypt. It is seen as a terrifying disease due to its high mortality rate and its impacts on the self-image and the sexua...

    Authors: H. A. Alagizy, M. R. Soltan, S. S. Soliman, N. N. Hegazy and S. F. Gohar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:29
  6. One of the most consistent findings in childhood psychopathology literature is that children with dyslexia frequently presented with additional psychiatric disorders. Over 60% of children with dyslexia meets c...

    Authors: Alaa M. Darweesh, Yasser M. Elserogy, Hossam Khalifa, Romany H. Gabra and Mohamed A. El-Ghafour
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:28
  7. Executive function (EF) domain deficits which most reported include in particular set shifting and inhibition, which are considered main deficits in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). So, this research aimed...

    Authors: Amira Mohamed Youssef, Wa-il AbouHendy, Amany Elshabrawy and Shimaa Ibrahim Amin
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:27
  8. Several studies using event-related potential (ERP) methods have reported a relationship between the cognitive dysfunction of patients with psychosis and P300 latency and amplitude. P300 follow-up studies in p...

    Authors: Wageeh A. Hassan, Alaa Eldin M. Darweesh, Ahmed A. Abdel-Rahman, Hossam Eddin Khalifa Ahmad, Shehab H. Hassaan, Mostafa M. Noaman and Iman F. G. Fahmy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:23
  9. Burnout is a special type of work-related stress—a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity (Lancet 388:2272-2281, 2016).

    Authors: Mohamed Abu zied, Mohamed Fekry, Nesreen Mohsen, Mahmoud Morsy, Doha El Serafy and Mohamed Salah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:25
  10. Several evidences from epidemiologic and treatment studies indicate that anxiety disorders, depression, and substance use disorders commonly co-occur, and the interaction is multifaceted and variable. Epidemio...

    Authors: Ikram I. Mohamed, Hossam Eddin Khalifa Ahmad, Shehab H. Hassaan and Shymaa M. Hassan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:22
  11. The prediction of violence in patients with psychiatric disorders remains a challenging aspect in the field of clinical research. Many studies search the linkage between aggressive behavior and certain genetic...

    Authors: Mohamed Elsheikh
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:17
  12. Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are a group of neurodevelopmental disabilities with unknown etiology. Recent studies suggest the contribution of immune dysfunction and oxidative stress in its pathophysiology. ...

    Authors: Naglaa A. Abd-Allah, Ola M. Ibrahim, Heba A. Elmalt, Manal A. Shehata, Rania A. Hamed, Nisrin M. Elsaadouni and Bahaa Hawary
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:11
  13. Childhood psychosocial dysfunction (CPD) is an important cause of morbidity among children, and its frequency in primary care is growing. The information about its prevalence and risk factors is weak in many d...

    Authors: Eman S. Soliman, Rehab S. Mahdy, Heba A. Fouad, R. A. Abbas and Amel Fayed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:16
  14. Stigma is a basic component of the negative discrimination that people with mental illness experience every day. It blocks access to facilities that have been created to help people with mental illness. Furthe...

    Authors: Abeer M. Eissa, Mahmoud M. Elhabiby, Doha El Serafi, Hanan H. Elrassas, Eman M. Shorub and Alaa A. El-Madani
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:18
  15. Hemodialysis has been shown to have an adverse impact on the emotional status of patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Common associated psychological problems include depression, anxiety, fatigue, dec...

    Authors: Ayman Abdulfattah Elhadad, Afaf Zein El Abedin Ragab and Salma Abdelsamed Abdelsamed Atia
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:9
  16. The oncologists are facing more challenges than ever before in their work with cancer patients. The aim of the study is to assess the level of work-related stress among oncology clinicians and to compare it wi...

    Authors: M. R. Soltan, S. A. Al-Hassanin, S. S. Soliman and S. F. Gohar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:19
  17. There is evidence supporting a pathophysiological role of oxytocin in attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) especially hyperactive and combined subtypes. It is known that children with ADHD show a high...

    Authors: Hani H. Dessoki, Omnia R. Amin, Mohamed R. Soltan, Mohammed M. Abbas and Mariam E. Dawoud
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:15
  18. Conduct disorder (CD) is a prevalent psychiatric disorder in youth with heterogeneous presentations and hazardous outcomes on family and society. Identifying potential biological markers may help in better und...

    Authors: Mohammad A. Seleem, Rasha El-Shafey, Lamis T. Shahin, Lina E. Abdel-Aziz, Noura M. Elkonaisy, Yomna K. Marey, Mina Rizkallah and Michael Baghdadi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:14
  19. There is emergent evidence that disturbed eating behaviors, including emotional eating and obesity, co-occur with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. The hypothesis that disturbed eati...

    Authors: Heba E. Essawy, Ahmed A. Abdelgawad, Marwa E. Khamis and Alaa Zakaria
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:8
  20. Mental illness is associated with misunderstanding and unfavorable attitude worldwide. The belief in its spiritual nature made traditional healers the main service consultants for mentally ill patients. The pr...

    Authors: Romany H. Gabra, Omnya S. Ebrahim, Doaa M. M. Osman and Ghada S. T. Al-Attar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:10
  21. Little is known regarding the standardized neuropsychological tests available in Arabic. The aim is to determine the diagnostic performance and the best cutoff value for the clock drawing test (CDT), animal ca...

    Authors: Reem Mohamed Sabry ELbedewy and Mohamed ELokl
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:5
  22. The World Health Organization estimates that 75% of patients with mental and substance use disorders in low- and middle-income countries do not have access to the care needed. In the Arab World, approximately ...

    Authors: Joseph R. El Khoury, Evelyne A. Baroud and Brigitte A. Khoury
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:7
  23. Neurological soft signs in remitted state of bipolar disorder may represent trait deficits and the aim of this study was to examine the extent of neurological soft signs in euthymic patients with bipolar I dis...

    Authors: Eman Roshdy El Safy, Nagda Mohamed El Masry, Amany El Shabrawy and Ahmed Rafik Reda Abd Ellatif
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:6
  24. The problem of substance use is becoming one of the most serious and rapidly growing phenomena all over the world. Efficient and well-designed prevalence studies for mental illnesses including substance use pr...

    Authors: Menan Rabie, Nermin M. Shaker, Eman Gaber, Mahmoud El-Habiby, Dalia Ismail, Maha El-Gaafary, Amina Lotfy, Noha Sabry, Wael Khafagy and Richard Muscat
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:4
  25. High rates of history of childhood attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms have been found in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) adults. Both, when comorbid, cause the clinical course to be u...

    Authors: Lamis Ibrahim, Wail Abouhendy, Nelly Raafat and Amira Ahmed Fouad
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:3
  26. Disturbed sleep and menstrual symptoms are prevalent health conditions with limited successful treatments. This study aimed to detect the association between sleep problems and menstrual symptoms among young w...

    Authors: Ahmed Arafa, Omaima Mahmoud, Entisar Abu Salem and Abeer Mohamed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:2
  27. Many international studies have reported a high prevalence of psychiatric comorbidity in alcohol-dependent individuals and highlighted the clinical, prognostic, and treatment implications of such findings. How...

    Authors: Tangella Ravikanth and Sadia Sultan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2020 27:1
  28. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed on the face; seeking this operation can be influenced by socio-cultural factors, personality factors, and psychiatric morbidity. The purpose o...

    Authors: Abdelnasser Omar, Maissa Eid, Ramy Ali, Marwa El Missiry, Ahmed Adel Abdel Gawad and Soheir El Ghoneimy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:8
  29. Early childhood frequent exposure to toxic stress such as abuse or neglect, parental substance abuse or parental mental illness, and violence can have a cumulative impact on the child’s mental health. Therefor...

    Authors: Ebtissam M. Salah El-Din, Manal A. Shehata, Amany El-Wakkad, Somaia Ismail, Ehab M. Eid, Howida H. El-Gebaly and Alshimaa A. Elkhatib
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:7
  30. A strong relationship between dementia caregiving and negative consequences on psychological health of caregivers has been established in numerous studies. A meticulous evaluation of caregiver mental status fu...

    Authors: Yasser Abd El Razek, Walaa Sabry, Heba Hendawy, Dalia Hegazy, Marwa Soultan and Mohamed El Banna
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:6
  31. Tramadol dependence represents a major medical and legal hazardous phenomenon in the last decade. It is a synthetic opiate analgesic which exerts its therapeutic effect by its action on μ opioid receptors. It ...

    Authors: Hossam Eddin Khalifa Ahmad, Alaa Eldin Mohamed Darweesh, Shehab Hassan Mahmoud Hassaan, Mostafa Nooman, Islam Shaaban and Sayed Mostafa Sayed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:5
  32. Emotional and behavioral problems have been noted in a considerable number of patients after open-heart surgery. However, great discrepancy exists in the literature regarding the frequency and the course of ps...

    Authors: Osama Younes, Reham Amer, Hosam Fawzy and Gamal Shama
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:4
  33. Living donor liver transplantation is an effective line of therapy for patients with end-stage liver disease. While there are various psychiatric complications that affect donors, only a few studies investigat...

    Authors: Mahmoud El-Meteini, Eman Shorub, Dalia Abdel Moneim Mahmoud, Hussein Elkholy, Ahmed El-Missiry and Reem Hashim
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:3
  34. The impairment of cognitive processes in dyslexia is well established, and according to recent studies, this deficit extends to many aspects of cognitive processes. However, these studies have not focused on P...

    Authors: Fadia Elwan, Shaaban Gaballah and Abdel Gawad Khalifa
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2019 26:1

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