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  1. Depression and sleep disorders are interrelated and have high prevalence. Based on previous findings, medical students experience high rates of depression and low sleep quality, due to the challenges during me...

    Authors: Shahram Samadi, Hamed Amirifard, Mohammad Eslami, Mohammad Amin Khadembashiri, Mohammad Mehdi Khadembashiri and Anahita Najafi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:71
  2. The cognitive profile among patients with schizophrenia (SZ) and bipolar disorder (BD) has varied widely across different studies. The aim of the current study was to compare different cognitive domains using ...

    Authors: Eman M. Khedr, Nashwa E. Ghanima, Khaled A. Elbeh, Gellan k Ahmed and Bastawy El-Fawal
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:70
  3. In this study, it is aimed to determine the relationship between the sociocultural adaptation levels and the mental states of women who fled their countries due to the war and settled in Turkey. In this contex...

    Authors: Veysel Kaplan and Mehmet Emin Düken
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:72
  4. Differentiating unipolar depression from bipolar depression is clinically important. The identification of biomarkers that characterize the pathophysiology of each disorder may provide biological targets for t...

    Authors: Hani Hamed Dessoki, Rasha Abd El Razek Khattab, Wagdy Moris, Ahmed Abdelaziz Ezzat Abdelhakim, Alshimaa Mohsen Mohamed Lotfy and Hisham Salah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:69
  5. Suicide has become a major threat to achieving Sustainable Development Goals three and four, especially for school-going adolescents worldwide. As part of efforts to prevent suicide, population-based studies r...

    Authors: Jacob Owusu Sarfo, Newton Isaac Gbordzoe, Dean Attigah, Timothy Pritchard Debrah, Crescens Osei Bonsu Ofori and Paul Obeng
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:68
  6. Delirium is a very common occurrence in hospital settings and is frequently missed by the primary care team. It remains, however, poorly studied in the Middle East despite abundant global reports. In this stud...

    Authors: Maya Bizri, Hussein Zalzale, Elissa Khalil, Ghida Kassir, Rawad El Hayek, Samer El Hayek and Nour Ibrahim
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:67
  7. Many chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and respiratory problems, can lead to emotional distress, anxiety, and depression among patients. Likewise, psychological conditions such as an...

    Authors: Swathi M., Manjusha S., Isatrin J. Vadakkiniath and Gururaj A.
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:66
  8. Elevated serum levels of S100B may associate with insulin resistance and other metabolic complication in schizophrenia patients. The aim of this study was to investigate the association of serum S100B levels w...

    Authors: Parinaz Kalejahi, Sorayya Kheirouri and Seyed Gholamreza Noorazar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:65
  9. Adolescent mental health problems are vast and varied and early identification and intervention can be of utmost help. There is sparse data on mental health issues in the adolescent population from India in ge...

    Authors: Majid Shafi, Neelofar Younis, Ubaid Rasool, Sabah Younis, Yasir Hassan Rather, Burhan Bashir Lone, Fazle Roub Bhat and Athiya Fahiem Khan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:64
  10. Poor sleep is associated with bad health outcomes, worse well-being and decreases in performance, productivity and safety at work. Police officers are exposed to several risk factors including extended work sc...

    Authors: Rehab Mohamed Naguib, Abdel Nasser Mahmoud Omar, Naglaa Mohamed ElKhayat, Sherien Ahmed Khalil, Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed Kotb and Lobna Azzam
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:63
  11. Nowadays, there are contradicting opinions about the benefits and risks of COVID-19 vaccine, which lead to the hesitance among recipients to receive the vaccine. This study aims to evaluate the university stud...

    Authors: Nhat-Le Bui, Hue Vu Thi, Mai Vu Ngoc Suong, Yen Vy Nguyen Thi, Thuy-Tien Le, Lan-Anh Nguyen Thi, Thuy-Linh Tang, Rajesh Sharma and Dinh-Toi Chu
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:62
  12. The Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) forms are among the most studied instruments for assessing behavioral, emotional, social, and thought problems in children and adolescents worldwide...

    Authors: Mohammad A. Seleem, Reham A. Amer, Mohamed Elhosary, Sameh Saada, Eid Abo Hamza, Yomna Elfert, Sanaa Abd El-fatah Abdo, Ibrahim Kabbash and Thomas M. Achenbach
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:61

    The Correction to this article has been published in Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:98

  13. Even though the statistics have shown that patients with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are most likely to die 10 to 20 years earlier than the general population, the inform...

    Authors: Chouaib Khlil, Nadia Attouche, Hafsa Choujaa and Khadija Mchichi Alami
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:60
  14. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 drastically changed the daily lives of the entire population. Despite being efficient in helping to avoid deaths and prevent the collapse of the healthcare s...

    Authors: Bruna Bortolozzi Maia, Érika Arantes de Oliveira-Cardoso and Manoel Antônio dos Santos
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:59
  15. Incentives and disincentives to study medicine are complex concepts and may involve a dynamic balancing act between financial, personal, and social reasons. These processes have not been adequately explored in...

    Authors: Leena Amiri, Fadwa Al Mugaddam and Syed Fahad Javaid
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:57
  16. The COVID-19 pandemic is putting a lot of pressure on primary healthcare (PHC) workers globally. The study aimed to estimate the level of psychological distress among PHC workers during the current COVID-19 pa...

    Authors: Shymaa Mamdouh Mohamed Abdu, Sahar Mohamed and Abdel-hady El-Gilany
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:56
  17. Suicide is a serious public health problems worldwide. Although suicide rates in the eastern Medetranian region are lower than western countries, increasing incidences is reported. This study aims to explore t...

    Authors: Maha Sulaiman Younis and Ann John
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:55
  18. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a heterogeneous neurodevelopmental disorder commonly prevalent in children worldwide including KSA. It causes disability in social interaction, communication, and restrictive ...

    Authors: Samira Mahboub, Sara Al-Suhaibani, Hala Abd Ellatif and Safaa M. Elkholi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:53
  19. Hospitalized COVID-19 patients suffer from psychological and psychiatric disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety. Because there was no comprehensive study on psychological fac...

    Authors: Nazanin Mousavi, Mohammad Effatpanah, Aghil Molaei and Samira Alesaeidi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:52
  20. Women are more vulnerable to presenting with major depressive disorder (MDD) as they seem more sensitive to stressful life events (SLE). Few studies describe the effect of SLE on the development of avoidant/pa...

    Authors: Curt Hemanny, Isabela Moura, Martha Amaral Pimenta Mello, André Macedo Figueiredo, Marcelo Demarzo and Irismar Reis De-Oliveira
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:51
  21. It was aimed to investigate the psychological effects of the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on children and adolescents. The effects of disease process on development of psychiatric disorders, th...

    Authors: Esra Yurumez, Ozge Celık, Aysegul Akgul, Humeyra Hilal Ozturk, Merve Cıkılı Uytun, Goksel Vatansever, Birim Gunay Kılıc and Didem Behice Oztop
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:50
  22. With the rise of fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV), understanding the prevalence and risk factors associated with common mental disorders (CMD) is beneficial to estimate the disease burden, redirect of a...

    Authors: Basma Diaeddin Abuhadra, Satomi Doi and Takeo Fujiwara
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:49
  23. As a suicide attempt is an important predictor of suicide in patients with schizophrenia, it is essential to assess risk factors to prevent suicides. This study aimed to assess the clinical factors and reasons...

    Authors: Sonia Shenoy and Samir Kumar Praharaj
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:48
  24. To identify impact of screen time on speech and language development in preschool children. There has been an alarming increase in the use of electronic devices among preschool children despite their potential...

    Authors: Salwa Salem Al Hosani, Ebtihal Ahmed Darwish, Sona Ayanikalath, Ruqaya Saeed AlMazroei, Radwha Saeed AlMaashari and Amer Tareq Wedyan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:47
  25. Students are an essential part and parcel of society, and their mental health, academic achievement, and success are the pillar objectives of a successful educational system. Based on this, students need to be...

    Authors: Karwan Mustafa Saeed, Abas Sharif Ahmed, Zanyar Maqsud Rahman and Niyan Aziz Sleman
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:46
  26. Diabetes patients are at risk of developing mental health comorbidities such as depression and poor quality of sleep. These conditions can affect diabetic management, including glycemic and plasma lipid contro...

    Authors: Jennifer Adjepong Agyekum, Thomas Gyamfi and Kwame Yeboah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:45
  27. Anxiety disorders comprise some of the most common mental health conditions. This study examined the global and regional burden of anxiety disorders over the last three decades. The study was designed to help ...

    Authors: Syed Fahad Javaid, Ibrahim Jawad Hashim, Muhammad Jawad Hashim, Emmanuel Stip, Mohammed Abdul Samad and Alia Al Ahbabi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:44
  28. Numerous investigations have found that cognitive deficits in COVID-19 survivors may be reversible; hence, early detection is essential. These cognitive deficiencies should be targeted with scaled cognitive th...

    Authors: Hadir E. E. M. Allam, Abd El-Nasser M. Omar, Maha M. Sayed, Amira N. El-Batrawy, Nesreen M. Mohsen, Abdel Gawad Khalifa and Fiby F. Ghobrial
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:43
  29. A widely held belief is that “Medical student syndrome” is frequently experienced by young medical students, that is, they experience the symptoms of the diseases they are studying or fear of having such illne...

    Authors: Huda A. Sherif, Khaled Tawfeeq, Zahraa Mohamed, Lobna Abdelhakeem, Sara H. Tahoon, Mahasen Mosa, Karima Samy, Karema Hamdy, Lamiaa Ellakwa and Salma Elnoamany
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:42
  30. The therapeutic decision toward patients with schizophrenia is very different from one psychiatrist to another when faced with potentially similar clinical symptoms. It depends on many factors that are related...

    Authors: Khadija Benallel, Wafaa Mansouri, Jalal Salim, Roukaya Benjelloun and Mohamed Kadiri
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:41
  31. Diabetes type 2 is a chronic metabolic disease with major physical and health problems that is on the rise. The aim of this study was to evaluate the factors affecting sleep quality in patients with type 2 dia...

    Authors: Naim Sadat Kia, Elham Gharib, Soraya Doustmohamadian, Kamyar Mansori and Elahe Ghods
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:40
  32. Social isolation can be defined as the absence of social interactions, contacts, and relationships with family, friends, and neighbors. According to some studies, social isolation was associated with depressiv...

    Authors: Danah A. Alsadoun, Haneen S. Alotaibi, Amwaj I. Alanazi, Leena A. Almohsen, Njoud N. Almarhoum and Samira Mahboub
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:39
  33. We aim to address the dearth of knowledge regarding general electroconvulsive therapy practice in Oman, by examining and investigating the electroconvulsive therapy practices at all hospitals providing electro...

    Authors: Tamadhir Al-Mahrouqi, Naser Al-Balushi, Saif Al-Hamrashdi and Ahmed Al-Harrasi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:38
  34. Clozapine is a second-generation antipsychotic which is known to have superior efficacy as compared to other antipsychotics. It is particularly used in treatment-resistant schizophrenia (10–30%). However, its ...

    Authors: Mehroosh Roub, Mohammad Maqbool Dar and Shabir Ahmad Dar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:37
  35. Neuropsychiatric manifestations of lupus (NPSLE) are considered one of the major and most devastating lupus manifestations. The aim of this study was to assess the neuropsychiatric manifestations in systemic l...

    Authors: Dina A. Shahin, Khaled M. F. Hegazy, Mohammed Elsherif, Nagy A. Sayed-Ahmed, Mohamed Elwasify, Eman Helmy, Ahmed Abdel Khalek Abdel Razek and Samar Tharwat
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:36
  36. The use of oxytocin as a therapy to treat social deficiencies in autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is gaining popularity. This study aimed to determine oxytocin nasal spray’s effect in combination with applied b...

    Authors: Afsaneh Karbasi, Safie Shafiezadegan Isfahani, Mohammad R. Maracy and Ali Mohammad Sabzghabaee
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:35
  37. Chronic kidney disease patients on haemodialysis (HD) experience negative consequences in the quality of life (QOL), which is affected by factors such as perceived social support and spirituality/religiosity. ...

    Authors: Waddah Alalmaei Asiri, Anas Ali Hadi Asiri, Ahmed Hussain Almutlaq, Khalid Hussein Almutairi, Abdulelah Eid Alotaibi, Mohammed Saad Alshahrani and Emad Eldin Abdelfattah Hassan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:34
  38. Addiction is a medical condition characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences and is considered a disorder of the brain’s reward system. Exercise addiction (EA) inv...

    Authors: Abdel Nasser Mahmoud Omar, Mohamed Mostafa El Hamady, Shewikar Tawfik El Bakry, Peter Victor Samy and Shorouk Fathi Abd-Elmaksoud
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:33
  39. Engaging adolescents in mental health education programs can markedly improve their knowledge, decrease stigma, and enhance professional help-seeking. Two-step study was carried out. The first step was applied...

    Authors: Amira E. Abd El Salam, Amany M. AbdAllah and Hala A. El Maghawry
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:32
  40. Uric acid plays a pivotal role in the regulation of mood and behavior. The study aimed to elucidate the role of serum uric acid as a biomarker in patients with schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder (BAD), ...

    Authors: Nermin Mahmoud Shaker, Doha el Serafi, Riham Hossam E. L.-Din Mahfouz and Mohamed Hossam El-din abd el moneam
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:31
  41. Psoriasis is associated with several comorbidities and different psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. Psoriasis may also affect sleep quality and consequently the quality of life. The use ...

    Authors: Ola O. Khalaf, Mohamed M. El-Komy, Dina B. Kattaria and Marwa S. El-Mesidy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:30
  42. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented international health crisis, which has invoked massive consequence on healthcare workers’ mental health and wellbeing. This study aimed to detect the prevalence of anx...

    Authors: Asmaa Sayed, Marwa Ahmed, Inas El Sayed, Saeed Soliman, Karim Ali, Saged Elsherbiney, Alaaelrahman Mahmoud and Samar Fares
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:29
  43. The characteristics of people admitted to psychiatric wards act as one of the indicators of the performance of the service system as a whole. The characteristics of these people and how they are referred to ps...

    Authors: Mehran Zarghami, Narjes Rezaee Roshan and Amirmasoud Taheri
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:28
  44. Internet addiction, insomnia, and depression have a major health concern. The association of these problems can severely affect education, work productivity with negative outcomes for society. Internet addicti...

    Authors: Somaya H. Shaheen, Eman Ahmed Abdullah, Mohammed M. Abdel Razik and Nehal Mostafa
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:27
  45. The prevalence of psychiatric disorders by demographic characteristics in elderly people is poorly understood, at least in the northwest of Iran. We aimed to estimate the prevalence of various psychiatric diso...

    Authors: Ali Fakhari, Sepideh Herizchi, Homayoun Sadeghi-Bazargani, Shahrokh Amiri, Seyed Gholamreza Noorazar, Maryam Mirzajanzade, Habibeh Barzegar, Mostafa Farahbakhsh and Hosein Azizi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:25
  46. Many studies found association between psychosocial factors and suicidal behavior; this association differs from one community to another, and this difference could affect the risk assessment and the managemen...

    Authors: Hend Mostafa El-kholy, Ahmed Abd E L-Rahman Mubarak, Mohamed A. Elheniedy and Fatma Ahmed AL-Deeb
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:24
  47. The aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between iron deficiency anemia with restless leg syndrome (RLS) and sleep quality in workers working in a textile factory in Iran. This cross-sectional ...

    Authors: Farahnaz Ghahremanfard, Maryam Rezaei Semnani, Majid Mirmohammadkhani, Kamyar Mansori and Daryoush Pahlevan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2023 30:23

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