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A note of thanks

At the end of this remarkable year, I wish to express my sincere gratitude, also on behalf of the other editors, the members of the editorial board and the publisher of the Middle East Current Psychiatry, to the referees of the articles considered for the 2021 volume of MECP. Hundreds of busy colleagues have spent their time in assessing close to 314 manuscripts submitted to our Journal, up from around 158 in 2020, in selecting the ones that may possibly be published, and in improving the quality of the selected articles. Many of the reviewers have helped us in the past years as well, and we are tremendously appreciative and grateful to them. It is largely thanks to them that MECP is doing well in attracting and publishing valuable exceptional articles in all areas of psychiatry, with a dedicated focus on clinical and experimental research.

Dr. Mohamed Fikry,
Dr. Mohamed Nasr,
Dr. Hisham Ramy
Dr. Walaa Sabry
Dr. Nermeen Shaker
Dr. Tsuyoshi Akiyama,
Dr. Dinesh Bhugra
Dr. Andrew Molodynski
Dr. Daria Smirnova
Dr. Maria Ines Lopez-Ibor
Dr. Kostas Fountoulakis
Dr. Eli Karam,
Dr. Kareem Abdel Aziz
Prof. Marwa Abdelmeguid
Dr. Mona Awaad
Prof. Hanan Azzam
Dr. Mostafa Bastawy
Prof. Soheir El Ghoneimy
Dr. Mona El Sheikh
Dr. Amira Elbatrawy
Dr. Mahmoud Elhabiby
Dr. Hanan Elrassas
Dr. Doha Elserafi
Prof. Heba Elshahawi
Prof. Heba Elshahawi
Prof. Mohamed Fekry
Assisstant Prof. Reem Hashem
Dr. Dina Ibrahim
Dr. Nesreen Mohsen
Prof. Nahla Nagy
Prof. Hisham Ramy
Prof. Hisham Ramy
Dr. Walaa Sabry
Prof. Nermin Shaker
Dr. Marwa Soltan
Dr. Nivert Zaki

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