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Table 3 Correlation between oxytocin levels with other disease criteria among cases

From: Gender-related romantic attachment and serum oxytocin level difference in adult patients with obsessive compulsive disorder

Variables Oxytocin level
r P value Sig.
Age (years) 0.05 0.8 NS
Education years (years) 0.08 0.6 NS
Age of onset (years) 0.05 0.7 NS
Illness duration (years) −0.03 0.9 NS
OCD severity scores as regarding Y-BOCS
Obsession severity score 0.49 0.001 VHS
Compulsion severity score 0.55 0.001 VHS
Y-BOCS severity (total score) 0.53 0.001 VHS
Romantic attachment as regarding the ECR-R
Anxiety score 0.21 0.2 NS
Avoidance score 0.31 0.06 NS
  1. Bivariate Pearson correlation test, Spearman correlation test