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Table 3 Relation between sociodemographic data and QOL assessed by Ferrans and Powers Quality of life scale among ESRD patients

From: Psychiatric comorbidity and quality of life in patients undergoing hemodialysis

Sociodemographic dataTotal quality life (QOL)
MeanSDSig. testP value
Age12.473643.886928-2.646< 0.001**
Marital status
 Single18.444291.53236013.927< 0.001**
 Divorced after dialysis12.590004.866939
Educational level
 Illiterate10.560173.13187621.778< 0.001**
 High school14.260003.598981
Occupational state
 Working15.53143.06819617.584< 0.001**
 Not working11.06333.633154
 Stopped working after dialysis12.08233.335666
  1. ESRD end-stage renal diseases, t Student t test, SD standard deviation
  2. The symbol ** means significant value