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Table 3 Pattern of traditional healers’ management for the studied mentally ill patients, Assiut University Hospitals 2017

From: Knowledge, attitude and health-seeking behavior among family caregivers of mentally ill patients at Assiut University Hospitals: a cross-sectional study

VariableNo. (n = 341)Percent
Type of traditional healers management for patient illness (either traditional healer only or both traditional and non-psychiatric physician)*
 Holy Koran/Gospel33999.4
 Plants and herb61.8
 Hegab (talisman)10129.6
 Hijama (cupping)92.6
 Physical methods (including Zar and beating)236.7
Duration of seeking care from traditional healers (weeks)
 Mean ± SE (range)18.77 ± 0.35 (1–480)
The reasons for attending psychiatric outpatient clinics after consulting traditional services
 Symptom progression21563.0
 Symptoms did not change6920.2
 Referral by traditional care providers5616.4
 Symptom recurrence after improvement10.3
  1. *Percentages are not mutually exclusive as more than one answer are included