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Table 2 Mental condition of the studied mentally ill patients, Assiut University Hospitals 2017

From: Knowledge, attitude and health-seeking behavior among family caregivers of mentally ill patients at Assiut University Hospitals: a cross-sectional study

VariableNo. (n = 425)Percent
Diagnosis of mental illness
 Bipolar disorder20448.0
 Schizophrenia and other related psychotic disorders18242.8
 Child psychiatric disorders102.4
Injuring or threatening to injure anyone
Talking about, threatening, or attempting suicide
Duration of current illness in years
 Mean ± SD (range)7.93 ± 7.32(1–40)
Regular administration of prescribed medications
Frequency of seeking outpatient psychiatric care in the past 6 months
 Mean ± SD (range)2.17 ± 1.66 (0–10)
Frequency of hospital admission after seeking care in the past 6 months
 2 or more214.9
 Mean ± SD (range)0.48 ± 0.59 (0–3)