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Table 8 Studies included in the systematic review

From: A systematic review of the prevalence of mental and neurocognitive disorders amongst older adults’ populace in Egypt

Included studies


Study 1

Khater MS, Abouelezz NF. Nutritional status in older adults with mild cognitive impairment living in elderly homes in Cairo, Egypt. The journal of nutrition, health & aging. 2011 Feb 1;15(2):104-8.

Study 2

Ahmed D, El Shair IH, Taher E, Zyada F. Prevalence and predictors of depression and anxiety among the elderly population living in geriatric homes in Cairo, Egypt. The Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association. 2014 Dec 1;89(3):127-35.

Study 3

El-Sherbiny NA, Younis A, Masoud M. A comprehensive assessment of the physical, nutritional, and psychological health status of the elderly populace in the Fayoum Governorate (Egypt). Archives of gerontology and geriatrics. 2016 Sep 1;66:119-26.

Study 4

Rahman TT, El Gaafary MM. Montreal Cognitive Assessment Arabic version: reliability and validity prevalence of mild cognitive impairment among elderly attending geriatric clubs in Cairo. Geriatrics & gerontology international. 2009 Mar;9(1):54-61.

Study 5

El Kady HM, Ibrahim HK. Depression among a group of elders in Alexandria, Egypt. EMHJ-Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, 19 (2), 167-174, 2013. 2013.

Study 6

Esmayel EM, Eldarawy MM, Hassan MM, Mahmoud AA, Mohamed SY. Mental health problems and sociodemographic correlates in elderly medical inpatients in a university hospital in Egypt. Current gerontology and geriatrics research. 2013;2013.

Study 7

Farrag AK, Farwiz HM, Khedr EH, Mahfouz RM, Omran SM. Prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementing disorders: Assiut-Upper Egypt study. Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders. 1998;9(6):323-8.

Study 8

Khedr E, Fawi G, Abbas MA, Mohammed TA, El-Fetoh NA, Al Attar G, Noaman M, Zaki AF. Prevalence of mild cognitive impairment and dementia among the elderly population of Qena Governorate, Upper Egypt: a community-based study. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 2015 Jan 1;45(1):117-26.

Study 9

Zaitoun A, Al Ma’moun A, Sarhan M, Selim A, Mousa G. Epidemiological study of dementia after retirement. Egypt J Neurol Psychiat Neurosurg. 2008;45:65-74.

Study 10

Aly HY, Hamed AF, Mohammed NA. Depression among the elderly population in Sohag governorate. Saudi medical journal. 2018 Feb;39(2):185.

Study 11

Abdelrahman HM, Elawam AE, Alghitany AN. Cognitive impairment among Egyptian older adults on hemodialysis. Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing. 2014 Jun;83(1195):1-7.

Study 12

Mohamed E, Abd-Elhamed M. Depression among elderly attending geriatric clubs in Assiut city, Egypt. J Am Sci. 2011;7:386-91.

Study 13

Amer M, Mousa S, Khater M, Wahab WA. Prevalence of mild cognitive impairment among older adults living in Mansoura city, Egypt. Middle East Current Psychiatry. 2012 Jan 1;19(1):3-7.

Study 14

Abdelrahman HM, El Gaafary MM. Validation of arabic version of Saint-Louis-University-Mental-Status (SLUMS)-Examination and prevalence of cognitive impairment in community dwelling Egyptian older adults. Middle East Journal of Age and Ageing. 2014 Oct;83(1492):1-9.

Study 15

Hamza S, El Raashid AH, Kahla O. The impact of anxiety, depression and cognitive impairment on functioning in the physically ill elderly in Egypt. Current Psychiatry. 2006 Jul;13(2):152-65.

Study 16

Eissa AM, Hassan GA, Azam H, Sadek HA, El Awam I. Sociodemographic correlates of depression and anxiety disorders among physically ill elderly patients. Middle East Current Psychiatry. 2013 Apr 1;20(2):73-9.