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Table 2 Psychological symptoms of stress among academic students (n = 50)

From: Tension-type headache, its relation to stress, and how to relieve it by cryotherapy among academic students

Psychological symptomsVery large degreeLarge degreeModerate degreeLittle degreeVery little degree
I feel importance of doing most of things as soon as possible.917.34076.911.923.800
It is difficult to feel at ease even for few hours.1019.23261.547.723.847.7
I'm not satisfied about what I achieved in my life.713.53975.o35.811.923.8
I need to do many things at the same time.35.84790.423.80000
I feel disturbed when things did not made perfectly.815.44280.823.80000
1I work under pressure to end most of work.2038.52853.847.70000
I’m always mentally preoccupied with missions while talking with others.26501936.559.623.800
I feel proud while working better under pressure.35.81121.22548.11121.223.8
I have many states of amnesia.2140.42446.2713.50000
I’m decline to rapid speaking.1936.51732.71121.259.600