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Table 5 Logistic regression for predictive factors of dementia caregivers’ psychiatric morbidity

From: Prevalence and correlates of psychiatric morbidity in Egyptian sample of dementia patients’ caregivers: a comparative descriptive study

FactorsBWaldSig.Exp (B)LowerUpper
Hours of caring− 0.1515.5890.018*0.8600.3011.462
Years of caring− 0.5181.6610.1980.5960.2091.013
GHQ− 0.1654.4640.043*0.8480.2971.442
ZBI− 0.17013.259<0.001**0.8440.2951.435
ADL/IADL− 0.1870.2660.6060.8290.2901.409
  1. GHQ General Health Questionnaire, ZBI Zarit Burden Interview, ADL activities of daily living, IADL instrumental activities of daily living, BPSD behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination
  2. *significant statistical difference
  3. **Highly significant statistical difference