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Table 1 Comparison between sociodemographics of both groups

From: Prevalence and correlates of psychiatric morbidity in Egyptian sample of dementia patients’ caregivers: a comparative descriptive study

Age (years)Caregivers of patients with dementiaCaregivers of patients with other medical disorderst testP value
 Mean ± SD48.84 ± 7.5551.72 ± 7.721.7770.189
SexNo.PercentNo.Percentχ2P value
EducationNo.PercentNo.Percentχ2P value
OccupationNo.PercentNo.Percentχ2P value
 Not working2080.01560.03.6670.170
IncomeNo.PercentNo.Percentχ2P value
 Less than 10001248.0936.04.1540.271
 From 1000 to 30001248.01456.0
 More than 300014.028.0
Relative to patientNo.PercentNo.Percentχ2P value
Hours of caring  t testP value
 Mean ± SD12.32 ± 5.545.80 ± 3.0826.474< 0.001**
Years of caring  t testP value
 Mean ± SD4.48 ± 2.0213.40 ± 13.5710.5610.002*
  1. *significant statistical difference
  2. **Highly significant statistical difference