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  1. In the past few years, there has been an expanding global interest in the problem of substance use. A variety of studies conducted within the past decade have investigated the prevalence of substance use among...

    Authors: Manar Khafagy, Zeinab Gomaa and Mohamed Elwasify
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:59
  2. Burnout is a work-related physical and/or emotional exhaustion among individuals working in the human service sector. This descriptive cross-sectional study aimed to estimate the prevalence of burnout among in...

    Authors: Shatha Ali, Khaldoun Marwa, Malak AlRasheedi, Asma AlSuheel, Mariam Nabila and Madiha Khan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:60
  3. The elderly are a vulnerable section of the population who are prone to physical, mental, social, and economic deprivation. The effect of COVID-19 had a worldwide impact on all age groups, with a particularly ...

    Authors: Subhash Das, Priti Arun, Ravi Rohilla, Kantadorshi Parashar and Aratrika Roy
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:67
  4. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is an early-onset neurodevelopmental disorder that can extend into adulthood with multiple reported neuroimaging abnormalities. The focus of this research was to...

    Authors: Heba H. ElShahawi, Safeya M. Effat, Eman M. Shorab, Hossam M. Sakr, Safaa E. Azab and Ola M. Aufa
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:58
  5. This study investigates the relationship between exposure to stress, trait emotional intelligence (trait EI) and mental health problems (anxiety and depression symptoms) amongst basic-year medical students dur...

    Authors: Basel El-Khodary, Siham Alshawamreh, Mariam Abu Salah, Amro Hamada, Baraa Alhendawi, Mohammed Alhabil, Younis Alemour, Hadil Zaqout and Ezz Aldeen Wadi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:65
  6. Studies on the relationship between psychiatric symptoms and brain tumors are ambiguous, as it is not clear whether these symptoms are due to the direct effect of the tumor or a secondary psychological respons...

    Authors: Seyed Alireza Haji Seyed Javadi and Bahare Rezaei
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:56
  7. Vitiligo has a significant effect on patients’ quality of life; they feel stigmatized and disturbed by their condition. A lot of vitiligo patients, according to reports, suffer from psychological disturbances....

    Authors: Marwa Abd El Malk Nasser, Samar Mohamed Raggi El Tahlawi, Zahra Abbas Abdelfatah and Mohamed Ramadan Soltan
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:63
  8. Over the last 10 years, social media has become an integral facet of modern society. Self-presentation and body satisfaction are related to social media and its impact on users’ levels of well-being and self-e...

    Authors: Marwa Abd El-fatah Ali El-slamoni, Hanem AbdElkhalek Ahmed and Azza Elsayed Abdelfatah Arafat
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:55
  9. Globally, drug abuse is a serious and exacerbating phenomenon, not only in terms of its prevalence and its impact on individuals, families, professional and social aspects but also because of its economic and ...

    Authors: Mahmoud Abdel Hameed Shahin, Shaimaa Abdelbaset Hamed and Samah Mohamed Taha
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:50
  10. Burnout, defined as mental and physical exhaustion, has been an issue for many medical students. Medical student burnout is associated with many factors such as academic pressure, sleep deprivation, exposure t...

    Authors: Abdullah Alqifari, Mashael Alghidani, Ruba Almazyad, Aljowharah Alotaibi, Wijdan A. Alharbi, Entisar Aljumail, Ghaida Alqefari, Abdulmajed Alkamees and Hana Alqifari
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:47
  11. ADHD is an important cause for psychiatric care as one of the most prominent neurodevelopmental conditions. Being an ADHD child’s parent is a daunting and sometimes stressful job that becomes more challenging ...

    Authors: Amira Mohamed Yousef, Mohammad Gamal Sehlo and Amany Elshabrawy Mohamed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:57
  12. Evidence showed that mental health literacy reduces stigma and promotes help-seeking intentions. This study provides a bibliometric analysis of global research activity on mental health literacy. A bibliometri...

    Authors: Waleed M. Sweileh
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:43
  13. Medical students have faced an enormous disruption to their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study aimed to assess the impact of COVID-19 on medical student’s psychological well-being in Pakistan. Follo...

    Authors: Nazish Imran, Imran Ijaz Haider, Ali Burhan Mustafa, Irum Aamer, Zahid Kamal, Ghulam Rasool, Muhammad Waqar Azeem and Afzal Javed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:45
  14. The use of technology for work has become an unavoidable component of most occupations. It is considered a double-edged sword; it has a massive impact on employees’ mental health and productivity, mainly when ...

    Authors: Abrar Mohammad Al-Khudhayr, Mariyyah Ahmad Al-Shaghab and Qasem Mohammad Al-Jabr
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:40
  15. Despite the general interest of researchers around the world, there are few studies on the psychological wellbeing and burnout among medical students in Russia. The aim of this study was to perform screening f...

    Authors: Egor Chumakov, Nataliia Petrova, Tamila Mamatkhodjaeva, Antonio Ventriglio, Dinesh Bhugra and Andrew Molodynski
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:38
  16. Medical students in India face multiple challenges and sources of stress during their training. No nationally representative survey has yet been undertaken. We undertook a cross-sectional national survey to as...

    Authors: Sharad Philip, Andrew Molodynski, Lauren Barklie, Dinesh Bhugra and Santosh K. Chaturvedi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:54
  17. Lockdown conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic have affected the mental health of people, especially the youth. This study examined the effect of lockdown on mental health of Egypt, Ghana, India, Pakistan, a...

    Authors: Areeba Shaikh, Ellen Peprah, Rawan Hamed Mohamed, Abeeha Asghar, Noor Viresh Andharia, Niel Anthony Lajot and Muhmmad Fazal Hussain Qureshi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:51
  18. Physicians are considered one of the most vulnerable groups who might develop pandemic grief during this critical time of COVID-19 infection, and this grief reaction might have deleterious effects on their lif...

    Authors: Samir El Sayed, Sarah Gomaa, Shereen Aboelfotoh and Mohamed El Wasify
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:48
  19. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease mainly diagnosed in children and adolescents. It has multiple psychiatric comorbidities. Our aim in this study was to determine the prevalence of psychological and...

    Authors: Saber Hadad, Magda Mohamed Ali and Taher Abdelraheem Sayed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:37
  20. Vaccines remain one of the most effective methods to control infectious diseases; however, COVID-19 vaccines are challenging and novel. Vaccine support is still substantial in general, although vaccination fea...

    Authors: Arazoo Issa Tahir, Dilkhosh Shamal Ramadhan, Ari Ahmed Taha, Rebar Yahya Abdullah, Saad Kazim Karim, Azad Karim Ahmed and Shalaw Faris Ahmed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:46
  21. In recent times, COVID-19 has been recognized as a public health emergency and thus far, most papers published on it are focused only on the clinical characteristics of infected patients. This pandemic has als...

    Authors: Zainab Ifthikar, Saima Sajjad Fakih, Saumy Johnson and Johnson Alex
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:44
  22. Lateness in the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) results in significant disability and pressure on affected children and their families. We aimed to detect the preschool children who have high-risk...

    Authors: Amira Mohamed Yousef, Eman H. Roshdy, Nelly R. Abdel Fattah, Randa M. Said, Maha M. Atia, Elham M. Hafez and Amany Elshabrawy Mohamed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:36
  23. Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is a significant problem in clinical practice and reason for the lack of functional recovery among depressed patients. Sleep disturbances and poor alertness are common resi...

    Authors: Dusan Kolar and Michael V. Kolar
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:42
  24. Blindness has profound consequences for the victim, family, and society. The impact of vision loss on daily life activities could lead to psychological stress. Early treatment of depression may reduce the adde...

    Authors: Rayan Hisham Salaheldin Shazali and Sagad Omer Obeid Mohamed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:34
  25. The incidence rate of suicide has been increased in Iran over the past decades especially in East Azerbaijan Province which there are limited studies on suicide. We aimed to investigate the 12-year trend of su...

    Authors: Mostafa Farahbakhsh, Maryam Nejad Asgari, Vahab Aslrahimi, Azam Hemmati, Ilnaz Iranzad and Hosein Azizi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:32
  26. We aimed to identify the distribution and effective factors of agoraphobic situations and how they relate to panic disorder. We included confirmed 61 patients with agoraphobia in Bozorgmehr Psychiatric Clinic ...

    Authors: Habibeh Barzegar, Mostafa Farahbakhsh, Hosein Azizi, Sepideh Aliashrafi, Hossein Dadashzadeh and Ali Fakhari
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:31
  27. The COVID-19 pandemic is taking many lives every day. It affects literally all aspects of life and changes humanity communication tools, mobility, lifestyle, and feasibly their level of perceived stress and de...

    Authors: Zelal Kharaba, Sayer Al-Azzam, Ahmed Alhusban and Khawla Nuseir
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:35
  28. University students use caffeine to cope with stress in spite of its adverse effects. The purpose of this study is to explore caffeine consumption among university students in Saudi Arabia, as well as its corr...

    Authors: Deemah A. AlAteeq, Razan Alotaibi, Raneem Al Saqer, Njoud Alharbi, Maram Alotaibi, Reema Musllet and Rana Alraqibah
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:30
  29. Burnout is defined as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. It is characterised by feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance fro...

    Authors: Sumayah AlJhani, Hatim AlHarbi, Shahad AlJameli, Lama Hameed, Khozama AlAql and Mohammed Alsulaimi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:29
  30. The aim of the present study was to compare the presence of psychiatric disorders in people with hyperthyroidism and euthyroid patients attending the Endocrinology Outpatient Department at the Shri Maharaja Ha...

    Authors: Sheikh Shoib, Javid Ahmad, Manzoor Ahmed Wani, Irfan Ullah, Shah Faisal Ahmad Tarfarosh, Shariq Rashid Masoodi and Rodrigo Ramalho
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:26
  31. Epilepsy has significant effects on the behavior of most people who suffer it. In some cases, the seizure activity itself is manifested as a brief change in behavior that might appear unusual to the casual obs...

    Authors: Khaled A. M. Elbeh, Yasser M. Elserogy, Menna F. Hamid and Romany H. Gabra
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:27
  32. Psychological disorders are common among individuals who experienced COVID-19. Previous studies have shown that females report higher depression and anxiety than males. The present study aims to test the diffe...

    Authors: Eman Hurissi, Ethar Abu-jabir, Amnah Mohammed, Mashael Mahnashi, Sana Alharbi, Ahmad Alharbi, Ahmed Alnaami, Essam Alameer, Anwar Alahmar and Abdulaziz Alhazmi
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:33
  33. Study of cortisol levels in patients with ADHD in correlation with aggressive behaviors associated with ADHD has received limited research attention. This factor is essential for comprehending the psychopathop...

    Authors: Reem H. El Ghamry, Mona M. Mohamed, Hanan M. Azzam, Mahmoud M. Elhabiby, Haytham M. Hasan, Adel F. Hashish, Mohammed M. Elhamshary and Doaa M. H. Barakat
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:25
  34. Autism is not a discreet condition and those families members with autistic propend are more likely to display autistic symptoms with a wide range of severity, even below the threshold for diagnosis of autism ...

    Authors: Shimaa Ibrahim Amin and Ghada Mohamed Salah EL-Deen
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:24
  35. To date, researchers do not fully understand what the aetiology of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is. As a neurotrophin, the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) contributes to the growth ...

    Authors: Reem El Ghamry, Mona El-Sheikh, Marwa Abdel Meguid, Safi Nagib and Dina Aly El Gabry
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:22
  36. Coronavirus has affected more than 100 million people. Most of these patients are hospitalized in isolation wards or self-quarantined at home. A significant percentage of COVID-19 patients may experience psych...

    Authors: Amany Elshabrawy Mohamed and Amira Mohamed Yousef
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:28
  37. Externalizing behaviors are common in children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This study was aiming to investigate the perceived parenting attitudes in children with ADHD and their corre...

    Authors: Hanan Azzam, Haytham Hasan, Mahmoud Elhabiby, Reem El Ghamry, Mona Mansour and Mohammed Elhamshary
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:18
  38. Schizophrenia is a disorder that affects about 1% of the US population, with an extensive impact on patients’ health and their risk of later developing comorbidities from treatment. While literature on the sid...

    Authors: Ashish Sarangi, Sabiha Armin, Aurelio Vargas, Victoria M. Chu, Kristen Fain and Jessica Nelson
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:17
  39. The coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic has wreaked havoc on healthcare staff and caused serious psychological distress. We aimed to determine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health o...

    Authors: Saifur Rahman Chowdhury, Tachlima Chowdhury Sunna, Dipak Chandra Das, Humayun Kabir, Ahmed Hossain, Sabbir Mahmud and Shakil Ahmed
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:23
  40. The COVID-19 Life Events-Anxiety Inventory (C-19LAI) is a newly developed tool and the only Arabic tool for assessing and measuring anxiety related to different life events during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ai...

    Authors: Omaima Refat Elsayed Madkor, Khalid E. Elsorady, Dina H. Abdelhady, Passant AbdulJawad and Dina Aly El Gabry
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:21
  41. Given its global spread, the COVID-19 virus infection itself may be experienced as a traumatic and stressful event among survivors. The post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) among those surviving the disease w...

    Authors: Mohamed Abdelghani, Mervat S. Hassan, Maha E. Alsadik, Ahmed A. Abdelmoaty, Amira Said and Samar A. Atwa
    Citation: Middle East Current Psychiatry 2021 28:20

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