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Table 3 Frequency distribution of correct answers to the suicide literacy scale

From: Level and predictors of mental health literacy of depression and suicide among undergraduate medical students

Items Frequency of correct answers (%)
1. If assessed by a psychiatrist, everyone who suicides would be diagnosed as depressed" 46 (12.7)
2. Seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist can help prevent someone from suicide" 335 (82.9)
3. Most people who suicide are psychotic 116 (32.1)
4. There is a strong relationship between alcoholism and suicide 18 (5.0)
5. People who talk about suicide rarely kill themselves 152 (42.1)
6. People who want to attempt suicide can change their mind quickly 163 (45.2)
7. Talking about suicide always increases the risk of suicide 57 (15.8)
8. Not all people who attempt suicide plan their attempt in advance 52 (14.4)
9. People who have thoughts about suicide should not tell others about it" 246 (68.1)
10. Very few people have thoughts about suicide" 59 (16.3)
11. Men are more likely to suicide than women 147 (40.7)
12. A suicidal person will always be suicidal and entertain thoughts of suicide 215 (59.6)