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Table 5 Study sample death causes and mean age

From: Long-term observations on the mortality of mentally ill patients admitted to a short-stay psychiatric hospital: 23 years retrospective Egyptian study

Cause of death N=46
SUD or unknown N 19 (41.3%)
Mean age(M+/-SD) 39.1±11
Neurological (CVS) N 5 (10.9%)
Mean age (M±SD) 41.7±18.3
Cardiac N 7 (15.2%)
Mean age (M±SD) 47.8±9.6
Other medical N 15 (32.6%)
Mean age (M±SD) 40±9.6
  1. SUD sudden unexplained death, CVS cerebro-vascular stroke, other medical renal failure, respiratory, bleeding, metabolic, and septicemia