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Table 3 Correlation between K10 score of psychological distress and factors related to COVID-19 pandemic among the population living in KSA

From: Psychological distress and its risk factors during COVID-19 pandemic in Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study

Factors K10 score
Perceived seriousness of the disease r = 0.14
Perceived threat of infection r = 0.13
Fear of losing job because of reasons related to the pandemic r = 0.18
Difficulty of staying home and not going out unless necessary r = 0.10*
Feasibility of avoiding social gatherings with family and friends r = − 0.11
Commitment to all preventive measures r = − 0.14
Perception of effectiveness of preventive measures r = − 0.17
  1. *p < 0.05
  2. p < 0.01