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Table 4 Relation between QOL among patients with and without depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideations

From: Psychiatric comorbidity and quality of life in patients undergoing hemodialysis

VariableDepressionAbsent depressionSig. testP value
Mean SDMean SD
QOL total11.15348 (3.503672)14.18208 (3.716849)20.3850.000**
VariableAnxietyAbsent anxietySig. testP value
Mean SDMean SD
QOL total12.11167 2.78549712.85467 4.7783641.0690.303
VariablePanicNo panicSig. testP value
Mean SDMean SD
QOL total11.47778 1.78008312.55663 4.0064590.6380.426
  1. QOL: desirable (score: 20–30), relatively desirable (score: 10–19), and unfavorable (score: 0–9)
  2. ESRD end-stage renal diseases, SD standard deviation, t Student t test
  3. The symbol ** means significant value