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Table 6 EES-C scores relation with BMI z-scores

From: Study of disturbed eating behaviors in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

 % BMI for age
RP valueSin
EESC-AAF− 0.0560.702NS
EESC-D0.781**< 0.01HS
EESC-U0.874**< 0.01HS
EESC-H0.628**< 0.05S
Low EE− 13.366a< 0.001HS
High EE
Total EES-C0.804**< 0.001HS
  1. EESC Emotional Eating Scale for Children, EESC-AAF EESC Anger, Anxiety, and Frustration, EESC-D EESC Depression, EESC-U EESC Unsettled, EESC-H EESC Happiness, Low EE low emotional eating, High EE high emotional eating, Sig. significance, HS highly significance, NS non-significance, S significance
  2. **Chi-square test
  3. aIndependent t test