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Table 5 Predictors of knowledge and attitude towards mental illness among the studied participants, Assiut University Hospitals 2017

From: Knowledge, attitude and health-seeking behavior among family caregivers of mentally ill patients at Assiut University Hospitals: a cross-sectional study

VariableRegression coefficientP value95 % CI
Age of the caregiver−0.0450.036−0.087 to −0.003
Caregiver gender (female)0.5960.399−0.791–1.984
Caregiver marital status (single)0.0650.926−1.311–1.441
Caregiver occupation (does not work/housewife)−0.7600.287−2.162–0.642
Caregiver residence (rural)−0.2350.687−1.382–0.911
Caregiver education (illiterate/read and write)−1.3010.009−2.274 to −0.327
Caregiver relation (parents)0.8820.169−0.376–2.139
Age of patient−0.0040.864−0.046–0.039
Patient gender (female)0.0250.951−0.789–0.840
Injuring (yes)−1.4340.002−2.328 to −0.540
Suicide (yes)−0.4440.440−1.573–0.684
First sought care ( traditional healer or non-psychiatrist )−2.073< 0.001−3.100 to −1.047
Inpatient admission (yes)−0.1390.739−0.956–0.679
Duration of current illness−0.0550.074−0.116–0.005
Diagnosis of mental illness (schizophrenia and other related psychotic disorders )−0.3770.340−1.154–0.400
  1. R square = 0.155
  2. Reference groups: males, ever married, work, urban, educated at least primary education, other than parents, no injury, no suicide, psychiatrist, not inpatient admitted, other than schizophrenia