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Table 4 Modified Attitude towards Mental Illness questionnaire of the studied caregivers, Assiut University Hospitals 2017

From: Knowledge, attitude and health-seeking behavior among family caregivers of mentally ill patients at Assiut University Hospitals: a cross-sectional study

N (%)
N (%)
N (%)
Cause of mental illness
 Mental illness is genetic70 (16.5)87 (20.5)268 (63.1)
 Mental illness is caused by spirits105 (24.7)32 (7.5)288 (67.8)
Knowledge of people with mental illness
 One can always tell a mentally ill person by his or her physical appearance386 (90.8)33 (7.8)6 (1.4)
 The mentally ill with a number of exception cannot tell the difference between good and bad329 (77.4)82 (19.3)14 (3.3)
 Very view in any mentally ill are capable of true friendship338 (79.5)76 (17.9)11 (2.6)
Attitude towards people with mental illness
 Life has no value for the mentally ill155 (36.5)82 (19.3)188 (44.2)
 The mentally ill should be prevented from having children182 (42.8)141 (33.2)102 (24)
 The mentally ill should not get married178 (41.9)144 (33.9)103 (24.2)
 Mentally ill people should be prevented from walking freely in public places176 (41.4)210 (49.4)39 (9.2)
 One should avoid all contact with the mentally ill25 (5.9)60 (14.1)340 (80)
 The mentally ill should not be allowed to make decisions even those concerning routine events53 (12.5)44 (10.4)328 (77.2)
Care and management of people with mental illness
 One should hide his/her mental illness from his/her family3 (0.7)9 (2.1)413 (97.2)
 The mentally ill should live only among themselves10 (2.4)65 (15.3)350 (82.4)
 Psychiatric hospitals should not be located in a residential areas11 (2.6)39 (9.2)375 (88.2)
 There are people who were never in a mental hospital and are more disturbed than those who are in a mental hospital360 (84.7)42 (9.9)23 (5.4)
 Mental illness cannot be cured95 (22.4)76 (17.9)254 (59.8)
 Every mentally ill person should be in an institution where he/she will be under supervision and control322 (75.8)82 (19.3)21 (4.9)
Total scale mean ± SD (range) 16.90 ± 4.22 (4–28)