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Table 1 Characteristics of the studied caregivers at Assiut University Hospitals, 2017

From: Knowledge, attitude and health-seeking behavior among family caregivers of mentally ill patients at Assiut University Hospitals: a cross-sectional study

VariableNo. (425)Percent
Age (years)
 < 40 year15336
 ≥ 40 year27264
 Mean ± SD(45.1 ± 14.3)
Marital status
 Currently married29569.4
Educational status
 Illiterate/can read and write26863.1
 Basic education358.2
 Does not work/housewife28366.6
 Unskilled/skilled worker/farmer10825.4
Relationship with the patients
 Spouse (husband/wife)4811.3
  1. *Others: (grandmother, uncle/aunt, nephew, cousin)