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Table 14 Information needs regarding COVID-19, according to participants (N = 723)

From: Risk perception regarding the COVID-19 outbreak among the general population: a comparative Middle East survey

Question Information needs n %
Q1-What are the most important topics that you desire information for, at this time? How COVID-19 is transmitted 270 37.3%
What is the incubation time for COVID-19 309 42.7%
What are the symptoms of COVID-19 231 32.0%
What can you do to prevent contracting COVID-19 360 49.8%
The chances that you will contract COVID-19 153 21.2%
The chances that COVID-19 is serious 150 20.7%
How COVID-19 can be treated 420 58.1%
I do not need any information 54 7.5%
Q2-Who would you like to provide you with this information about COVID-19 updates? General practitioner 261 36.1%
Public Health Service 390 53.9%
National authorities (for example, the Ministry of Health) 648 89.6%
I don’t know 39 5.4%
Q3-How would you like to receive this information? A letter from the general practitioner 93 12.9%
A letter from the local authority 378 52.3%
Informational meeting by the Public Health Service 240 33.2%
National authorities (for example, the Ministry of Health) 495 68.5%
Information during a talk with the general practitioner 78 10.8%
Information on the website from the Public Health Service 174 24.1%
Information on the local authority's website 156 21.6%
Information in local newspapers 45 6.2%
Adverts on the national TV/radio 156 21.6%
Information on an internet search engine (e.g., Google) 126 17.4%
  1. Up to three answers could be chosen by participants
  2. n frequency, % percentage