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Table 13 Assessment of the motivating and hindering factors that affect compliance with preventive measures (N = 723)

From: Risk perception regarding the COVID-19 outbreak among the general population: a comparative Middle East survey

Question Motivating/hindering factors n %
Q1-Why would you be willing to perform the preventive measures mentioned? I am often ill 54 7.5%
COVID-19 can be serious 384 53.1%
I feel responsible for my health 447 61.8%
I think I am at risk for contracting COVID-19 147 20.3%
I want to prevent the contraction of COVID-19 318 44.0%
I want to prevent transferring COVID-19 to people around me 417 57.7%
I trust that the measures help 213 29.5%
The authorities advise it, so I will do it 192 26.6%
If I do not take these measures, I may regret it later 144 19.9%
Other people in my environment will also perform these measures 42 5.8%
Not applied to me 3 0.4%
Q2-Why would you not be willing to perform the preventive measures mentioned? I am never ill 27 3.7%
COVID-19 is not serious 78 10.8%
I do not find it important 39 5.4%
I am not worried about my health 30 4.1%
I do not think I am at risk of contracting COVID-19 81 11.2%
I do not think that I would transfer the virus to others 72 10.0%
I doubt whether the measures help 99 13.7%
Takes too much effort (cost, time, etc.) 204 28.2%
People in my environment will not perform these measures 198 27.4%
I feel that too little information is provided about the measures 120 16.6%
For principle reasons (e.g., Religion or other) 57 7.9%
Not applied to me 279 38.6%
  1. Up to three answers could be chosen by participants
  2. n frequency, % percentage