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Table 3 Multiple comparisons (Scheffe)

From: Exploring the relationship of sleep quality with drug use and substance abuse among university students: a cross-cultural study

Total of PSQI
(I) DAST-10 (J) DAST-10 Mean difference (I-J) Std. error P value
No problems Low level −1.278a 0.320 0.003
Moderate −2.244a 0.473 0.000
Substantial −4.354a 0.917 0.000
Severe level −5.795a 1.638 0.014
Low level Substantial −3.076a 0.934 0.029
Moderate No problems 2.244a 0.473 0.000
Substantial No problems 4.354a 0.917 0.000
Low level 3.076a 0.934 0.029
  1. aThe mean difference is significant at the 0.05 level