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Table 3 Logistic regression for predictor variables significantly affecting psychiatric diagnostic categories

From: Parenting discipline styles and child psychopathology in a clinical sample of Egyptian children in the Nile Delta region

Diagnosis ADHD Disruptive Elimination TRD OCS Depression BP Anxiety Tics Stuttering
SES OR         1.19*   
C.I.         1.07–1.31   
Psychological aggression—L OR           2.34*
C.I.           1.09–5.03
Physical Assault—L OR           2.83*
C.I.           1.04–7.67
Neglect OR   1.02*         
C.I.   1.01–1.04         
Neglect—L OR          7.46*  
C.I.          2.03–27.46  
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, L lifetime occurrence but not in the past year
  2. *Statistically significant at p ≤ 0.05