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Table 1 Depression, anxiety, quality of life, and perceived social support in study (group I) before and after hemodialysis

From: Impact of hemodialysis on the wellbeing of chronic kidney diseases patients: a pre-post analysis

Variables M(SD) t p
Quality of life 8.14(6.37) 9.032 .001
Depression .94(1.81) 3.66 .001
Anxiety 1.34(1.54) 6.12 .001
Perceived Social Support .28(4.66) .42 .673
  1. Table results show the paired sample t test applied to assess the significant changes of the psychological factors of CKD sufferers before dialysis treatment and after dialysis treatment. According to the results, the difference in the pre- and post-test measures were observed to be statistically significant for QOL, depression, and anxiety except the result of perceived social support which is not significant