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Table 4 Reported significant positive correlation of depression and anxiety with sociodemographic status

From: A systematic review of the prevalence of mental and neurocognitive disorders amongst older adults’ populace in Egypt

Study no. Age Gender MS* LA* EIS* EDUS* Res*
2 ↑ age with anxiety and mixed disorder Female ↑ anxiety with married   Low income   
3 Aged 70+ Female Divorced/widowed   Lower education Lower education Males in the urban region
5   Female Single/widowed Living with offspring Low income Lower education  
6      Low income   
10 Aged 90+ Female      Rural
12 Aged 60–65 Female Separated/divorced Living alone   Lower education  
16   Female Divorced   Low income   
  1. MS* marital status, LA* living arrangement, EIS* employment and income status, EDUS* educational status, RES* resident in urban or rural region