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Table 2 Psychiatric diagnoses among the studied sample

From: A clinical study of suicide in patients admitted in psychiatry unit in Assiut University

DiagnosisTotal (n = 100)Male (n = 54)Female (n = 46)P value
Mood disorders6161.02750.03473.90.015*
 MD.BPI. depression1616.01222.248.70.066 N.S
 MD.BPI. mania44.011.936.50.499 N.S
Psychotic disorders2424.01222.21226.10.652NS
 Brief-psychotic disorder22. N.S
 Schizophreniform disorder11. N.S
 Schizophrenia disorder1212.0916.736.50.212 N.S
 Schizoaffective disorder99.035.6613.00.340 N.S
Substance-induced disorder
 Tramadol induced depression1515.01527.800.00.000**
  1. MDD major depressive disorder, MD. BPI. mania: mood disorder bipolar I manic episode, MD. BPI. depression: mood disorder bipolar I depressive episode, N.S no significant difference (P > 0.05)
  2. *Significant difference (P < 0.05)
  3. **Significant difference (P < 0.01)