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Table 7 Comparison of WCST and ToL parameters regarding comorbidities among OCD group (n = 66)

From: Executive function in obsessive compulsive disorder at Zagazig University Hospitals: a case-control study

 OCD group (n = 66)aP value
No comorbidity (n = 34)Comorbidity (n = 32)
WCST parameters
Categories completed3.311.2513.351.5790.933
Categories experienced4.
Trials to complete 1st category16.158.6812.943.630.178
Correct (T)45.856.5446.1210.910.937
Correct (M)11.442.5011.953.970.686
Errors (T)18.156.5417.8810.910.937
Errors (M)5.223.737.129.740.511
Perseverative responses (T)20.315.0921.4110.480.730
Perseverative responses (M)7.745.438.9011.250.736
Perseverative errors (T)10.623.9512.4110.250.555
Perseverative errors (M)
Non perseverative errors (T)7.545.985.716.510.436
Non perseverative errors (M)2.362.612.003.390.754
Unique errors (T)
Unique errors (M)0.630.771.022.980.611
Failure to maintain set0.310.631.122.620.234
Learning to learn5.936.403.006.280.307
Conceptual level responses total40.239.4041.0614.640.860
ToL parameters
Total moves179.8528.717187.0630.0720.512
Total time847.08284.051064.09491.670.167
  1. WCST Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, ToL Tower of London Test, OCD obsessive compulsive disorder group, T total number, M mean of each index, SD standard deviation
  2. aIndependent t test