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Table 5 Relation between OCD symptoms severity and EF according to YBOCD score among OCD group (n = 66)

From: Executive function in obsessive compulsive disorder at Zagazig University Hospitals: a case-control study

 OCD group (n = 66)aP value
WCST parameters
Categories completed3.631.243.670.842.831.710.072
Categories experienced4.421.184.560.863.831.710.168
Trials to complete firstst category49.335.0247.896.3341.9611.490.008*
Correct (T)11.732.2610.640.9212.574.730.164
Correct (M)14.675.0216.116.3322.0411.490.008*
Errors (T)3.872.343.942.529.9210.820.004*
Errors (M)20.213.7119.675.2222.7511.940.398
Perseverative responses (T)6.753.085.932.2511.6413.370.054
Perseverative responses (M)8.503.209.783.7515.5410.900.003*
Perseverative errors (T)*
Perseverative errors (M)
Non perseverative errors (T)1.671.221.652.112.884.210.256
Non perseverative errors (M)0.921.061.892.193.336.810.158
Unique errors (T)0.260.360.480.711.543.430.094
Unique errors (M)15.885.9815.789.0111.831.310.038*
Failure to maintain set0.630.820.330.491.253.040.284
Learning to learn0.003.116.896.674.776.210.003*
Conceptual level responses total44.258.1943.338.3336.2116.060.117
ToL parameters
Total moves174.4218.85174.0030.14200.5426.550.010*
Total time721.38231.50787.42185.841326.67412.66< 0.001**
YBOCD12.132.4018.221.7327.462.57< 0.001**
  1. WCST Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, ToL Tower of London Test, YBOCS Yale–Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale, OCD obsessive compulsive disorder group, T total number, M mean of each index, SD standard deviation
  2. aOne-way ANOVA test
  3. *Significant (P < 0.05)
  4. **Highly significant difference (P < 0.001)