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Table 1 Frequency and percentage of different diagnoses among study group at first presentation

From: P300 cognitive assessment in patients with first-episode psychosis: a prospective case-control study

DiagnosisTotal (N = 108)Male (n = 57)Female (n = 51)
Schizophrenia spectrum disorders4743.52747.42039.2
 Brief psychotic disorder2321.301017.551325.50
 Schizophreniform disorder109.25610.5247.85
 Schizoaffective disorder21.8511.7511.95
 Psychotic disorder not otherwise specified (PNOS)43.7035.2611.95
Bipolar disorder with psychotic features41382442.101733.35
Depressive disorder with psychotic features2018.5610.521427.45
P value0.125
  1. N.B P value in comparison of males and females