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Table 3 Physical symptoms of stress among academic students (n = 50)

From: Tension-type headache, its relation to stress, and how to relieve it by cryotherapy among academic students

Physical symptomsVery large degreeLarge degreeModerate degreeLittle degreeVery little degree
I’m suffering from overweight.11.9815.43363.51019.200
I’m difficult to get up early at morning.1732.72446.21121.20000
I feel general malaise.26502140.459.60000
I feel anxious.35.847.73567.31019.200
I suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort.47.726502038.523.800
I feel with neck pain.1223.13363.5611.511.900
Persistent headache makes mood changes.0059.63057.71223.159.6