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Table 4 Comparison between levels of anxiety and depression among SUD patients (n = 100) and control group (n = 50) according to HAM-A and HAM-D rating scales

From: Assessment of anxiety and depression among substance use disorder patients: a case-control study

VariablesDrug addict people (n = 100)Drug non-addict people (n = 50)p value
Levels of anxiety
 Mild55.02652.0< 0.001**
 Mild to moderate1515.01326.00.104
 Moderate to severe1313.048.00.364
 Severe6767.0714.0< 0.001**
Levels of depression
 Normal77.03264.0< 0.001**
 Severe7272.036.0< 0.001**
  1. *Statistically significant correlation (p < 0.05)
  2. **Statistically significant correlation (p < 0.01)