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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of the SUD patients (n = 100)

From: Assessment of anxiety and depression among substance use disorder patients: a case-control study

Clinical dataNo.%
 Polydrug addict8383.0
 Single-drug addict1717.0
Types of abused drug
 Mixed (tramadol-cannabis-opiates-alprazolam-heroin-nalbuphine)8383.0
Methods of drug intake  
 Mixed (oral-inhalation-injection)3232.0
History of abused drug
 Less than 6 months33.0
 More than 6 months and less than 1 year44.0
 More than 1 year9393.0
Reasons for drug abuse
 Bad friends1312.0
 To give the patient strength and activity1212.0
 To forget problems and feel flatten89.0
 Mixed (bad friends, trial, to give the patient strength and activity, to forget problems and feel flatten, weakness of sexual ability, excessive money, chronic pain)6767.0