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Table 5 Correlation between salivary oxytocin level and items of ERT (total hits, total hits and false alarm for each emotion separately)

From: Social cognitive deficits in male children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in relation to salivary oxytocin level

ERTOxytocin level
RP value
ERTTH− 0.1530.176
ERTTHS− 0.1440.201
ERTTHF− 0.1880.059
ERTTHSU− 0.0410.718
ERTTHD− 0.0520.649
ERTTFAH− 0.0730.521
ERTTFAD− 0.0640.574
  1. ERTTH ERT total hits, ERTTFAH ERT total false alarm happiness, ERTTHH ERT total hits happiness, ERTTFAS ERT total false alarm sadness, ERTTHS ERT total hits sadness, ERTTFAF ERT total false alarm fear, ERTTHF ERT total hits fear, ERTTFAA ERT total false alarm anger, ERTTHA ERT total hits anger, ERTTFASU ERT total false alarm surprise, ERTTHSU ERT total hits surprise, ERTTHD ERT total hits Disgust, ERTTFAD ERT total false alarm disgust