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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of the studied patients

From: Neurological soft signs for discrimination between euthymic patients with bipolar I disorder and healthy controls

VariablesPatients group (n = 30)
Age of onset (years)
 Mean ± SD31.8 ± 4.9
Disease duration (years)
 Mean ± SD4.7 ± 1.3
Duration of longest admission (weeks)
 Mean ± SD4.7 ± 0.9
Number of previous episodes
Psychotropic therapya
 Antipsychotics28 (93.3%)
 Antidepressants2 (6.7%)
Mood stabilizer drugs
 Lithium carbonate27 (90.0%)
 Sodium valproate3 (10.0%)
  1. aTwo patients had both antipsychotics and antidepressants therapies