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Table 3 The risk of below-average intelligence in relation to exposure to multiple adversities

From: Behavior rating and intelligence testing in primary school children exposed to multiple adverse experiences

Exposed groupsChildren with below-average IQChildren with average IQOR (95% CI)ZP value
Full-scale IQ
 Highly exposed (56)24321.54 (0.7–3.34)1.0980.272
 Less exposed (55)1837
Verbal IQ
 Highly exposed (56)12441.39 (0.53–3.63)0.6820.490
 Less exposed (55)946
Performance IQ
 Highly exposed (56)42142.50 (1.12–5.59)2.2320.03*
 Less exposed (55)3025
  1. *Significant at P < 0.05; IQ score is considered average if it ranged 90–110 and below average if it ranged 70–89